I was thunderstruck ...

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: v. 2I was thunderstruck by my friend's words. We had only been a few hours in Devonshire, and that he should give up an investigation which he had begun so brilliantly was quite incomprehensible to me. Not a word more could I draw from him until we were back at the trainer's house. The Colonel and the Inspector were awaiting us in the parlor.

گوگل ALPHA چنین ترجمه کرده است:
من از واژه دوست من thunderstruck شد. ما فقط شده بود چند ساعت
در Devonshire ، و باید که او را تا تحقیق که او به حال
شروع درخشان تا کاملا به دور از فهم من بود. نه یک کلمه بیشتر
می تواند من را از او جلب می کنیم تا پشت در خانه مربی بودند.
سرهنگ و بازرس ما در انتظار بودند در اطاق نشیمن.
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